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In an ideal world, we all want to own things. Our houses, our cars, education policies, medical aid, and now even holidays.

Timeshare is a word that gets used more and more frequently since the industry has been regulated and members are protected, with over 742 000 local members making up this R3,5 Billion industry and over 80% occupation, more and more families are realising the benefit of securing their future holidays at today’s prices, negating inflation and disappointing exchange rates.

Become a part of this world, introduce friends and acquaintances, pay off your portfolio, or alternatively benefit from our Paradigm Intro Levels

Ask you friends to call our Call Centre on +27 (0)31 368 1333 and quote your unique “Paradigm Number” allocated to you, they will be asked to attend a presentation, no obligations, just an opportunity for us to show them the benefits of Easy Holiday Membership, should they buy points, you will receive credits as follows which can be taken up at any time.

Points Gift Max Value
40 Laptop computer R 4 300,00
80 Nespresso Coffee Machine or Tablet R 9 000,00
150 Return Air Ticket (Australia/UK/India) R 17 800,00
200 R25000 Education Policy R 25 000,00
250 Leather Reclining Lounge Suite R 29 900,00
300 Large 3D Smart Curved TV UHD. R 35 500,00
500 GiftTrip for 2 to the Bahamas R 59 900,00
750 Kitchen or Bathroom makeover, including appliances R 90 000,00
1000 Any vehicle valued up to R115 000 R 112 000,00
1500 Ski boat and trailer R 175 000,00
2000 R 250 000 cash R 250 000
3000 Any vehicle valued up to R 360 000 R 357 000,00
5000 Vacant Property Stand R 600 000,00
10 000 2 Bedroom Townhouse or equivalent R 1 275 000,00

Time to Shine ... ... ...

Let your friends call, we do the rest, and watch your points accumulate.
Remember you can convert them into gifts at any stage.


  1. 1. Register on
  2. 2. Get friends and family to prebook a presentation on +27 31 368 1333.
  3. 3. We will look after their holiday needs and credit you with equivalent points once 20% has been paid.
  4. 4. Redeem your points at any stage, and continue with the program.
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