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What EXACTLY are e'Points?


e'Points are your holiday currency. The more e'Points you own, the more holidays you can enjoy…They effectively represent your rights to use the fixed weeks owned by EASY HOLIDAYS.


How are e'Points given to me?


Should you accounts be up to date, your e'Points are allocated to your portfolio (and reflect on your statements) on the 1st January each year. Any unused e'Points may be carried forwards to next year, and will expire at the end of that next year. This means you can accumulate unused e'Points for 1 (ONE) year. After that they are forfeited (what a waste - so don't let it happen!) Automatic carryover of your e'Points will not occur of your capital and/or management fees accounts are not up to date at year end. You can borrow e'Points from the year ahead, provided you pay the management fee (or estimate thereof) in full prior to borrowing the e'Points.


How do I use the e'Points Userguide?


The guide is split up into regions, in each region all available resorts are listed. Click on a resort and this will take you to the resorts' customised e'Points table. The table lists all available unit sizes at the resort across the top. Down the side, on the left, it lists the weeks of the year, split into 7 day "modules". Choose what size unit you require, then draw down on the table to the time period you wish to holiday in. In that block that matches your requirements is a number, this is the number of e'Points needed to secure that specific holiday module at that specific resort, subject to availability.


Why do e'Points requirements differ within the resort, and also between resorts?


Most resorts have different unit sizes, sleeping different numbers of people. So, a bigger unit requires more e'Points than a smaller unit. e'Points may differ as well according to the time of the year. School holidays (peak season) is in extremely high demand and as such these time modules require a higher amount of e'Points to secure than out of season, or non-school-holiday time modules.e'Point values also differ between resorts as resorts are graded differently. One resort may not be rated as highly as another and as such it would require fewer e'Points to book at. Grading depends on many factors, including unit quality, unit amenities, on site facilities, nearby attractions, service levels etc.


Am I guaranteed the reservation destination and time period of my choice?


We will try our very best to assist in aligning your request to your eventual booking, however the very nature of a Club such as EASY HOLIDAYS precludes us from guaranteeing this. Remember, you are not buying a fixed week when you purchase EASY HOLIDAYS e'Points, but rather use rights to a varied and extensive pool of vacation weeks. EASY HOLIDAYS places great focus on effective stock management, meaning the Developer of the Club always tries to match requests versus availability when it comes to investing in Club weeks. So the basic answer is - no, availability is not guaranteed. What is 100% guaranteed though is that we will try our level best to secure you your perfect holiday - you can absolutely bet on that!


Exchange Fees


Exchange fees are payable on international bookings. The exact amount of the fee will vary, depending on which Exchange Company is used to source your international week of accommodation.


Spacebanking with DaE - How to extend the use of your e'Points...


Go back and read point (2). When you have accumulated e'Points that are going to expire, you have until August of the expiry year of those e'Points to bank them to DaE and receive a credit, which will last three years! Phone Member Services and ask them to bank your e'Points to DaE. They will book off a week on your portfolio, in the name of DaE, to the value of your expiring e'Points. Member Services then bank this week with DaE on your behalf. DaE will get in touch with you to provide you with a "credit certificate". To use your DaE credit, you must liaise with DaE. Once you have received your DaE credit, Easy Holidays no longer plays a part in the booking process and as such cannot be held liable for any booking issues that occur thereafter. Remember, to spacebank your e'Points, your capital and management fee account must be up to date. There are exchange fees payable to DaE when using your credit. View the Holiday Partners section of the Welcome Pack for more information of DaE as well as their contact details.


Splitting a full week...


Our ability to split a full week into a weekend and a midweek depends on the rules of the specific resort in question. As a general rule, a weekend check in is Friday and check out is Monday. A midweek check in is Monday and check out is Friday. Midweek bookings use 25% of the full week e'Points and a weekend uses 75% of the full week e'Points. During peak season you may not split up a full week.Can you book for one or two nights? No, bookings are full week, midweek or weekend only, these are the resorts rules, not ours.


What are Easy Breaks?


An easy break is a booking you make that is paid for with cash and not your e'Points. This might be because you either want to save your e'Points, or you have run out of e'Points for the year. Easy Breaks are only available to members of Easy Holidays. The rates charged are at cost to the Club, and sometime way less than cost, depending on the notice period to check in. The closer to check in when you make the booking, the higher your discount will be, up to 75% in some instances! Easy Breaks are for out of season weeks only.


Caravan Bookings*


Easy Holidays does offer a caravan and camping benefit. This benefit is limited to out of season only. Please contact our Member Services department for more information on the benefit.* This is a trial benefit and may be removed at the discretion of the management company.


What is an Instant Booking?


An Instant Booking is a booking made, using e'Points, where the check in date is 21 days or less from your booking date. The benefit in this case is that an Instant Booking only ever requires as many e'Points as you have remaining in your portfolio. So, for example, you have 6 e'Points remaining for the year after having made a few bookings already.You call in and ask to make an Instant Booking, the consultant will give you availability options where check in is 21 days or less away. You decide to book a week at Castleburn resort that would normally use 84 e'Points. Because you are making an instant booking, it uses only what is available in your portfolio - 6 e'Points… What an amazing way to save!


Who are RCI and DAE?


RCI and DaE are Exchange companies. When you join Easy Holidays you are automatically subscribed to RCI and DaE through the affiliation agreement Easy Holidays has with these companies.Where you request a booking and Easy Holidays does not have the availability from its own stock pool, our Member Services agents will contact RCI and/or DaE on your behalf to source your holiday requirements. If one of these companies does have the week you require, we will make the booking on your behalf and deduct the e'Points from your portfolio. All of this is done behind the scenes, you only have one point of contact, making the process of securing that perfect holiday all the more simple!


Unit Configurations explained


Almost all timeshare units are self-catering. This means that they will have a kitchen and you can choose to eat in when you are on holiday. Unit sizes typically range from 2 sleepers, up to 8 sleepers. Many timeshare units have sleeper couch in the lounge, to accommodate children under the age of 12, or adults who don't mind roughing it a bit..!Easy Holidays uses a coding system for its unit sizes, as follows:Number of private bedrooms / Number the unit sleeps privately / max number the unit sleeps So, the code 2/4/6 means a 2 bedroom, 4 sleeper (private), 6 sleeper max (meaning 2 on the sleeper couch. A few examples:H/0/2: Hotel unit (no kitchen) / 0 private / 2 maximumS/0/4: Studio unit (has kitchen) / 0 private / 4 maximum1/2/4: 1 bedroom / 2 private / 4 maximumThere are many different unit configurations, the e'Points Userguide specifies which configurations are applicable to each different resort. Typically, the bigger the unit, the more e'Points required for the booking.


Does is matter what time of the year I want to holiday?


Yes! Out of season weeks are weeks that our out of school holidays. They require fewer e'Points to book than an in season holiday, which is typically during school holidays.Out of season weeks are split into three categories. Blue weeks are least in demand, followed by white weeks and then red weeks, which generally precede or follow the school holiday periods. Red weeks are also prominent in high demand areas. Red week bookings require more e'Points than blue and white week bookings. On average, an out of season booking will use between 30 and 70 e'Points (unit size and resort dependant).Peak period are split into four categories, P1, P2, P3 and P4 with P4 being the highest demand school holiday periods of Christmas and New Year's. A P4 booking will require more e'Points than a P1 booking. On average, a peak season booking will use over 100 e'Points (unit size and resort dependant).


Can I book my holiday online?


Of course! Go to www.easy-holidays.co.za, register as a member and then browse availability. Choose your perfect week, book and a booking confirmation will be mailed through to you. If you need any assistance with this process, please contact Member Services.


What is a guest certificate?


A guest certificate is a booking that you make, where you will not be the one checking in. For example, you may wish to book a holiday for someone as a gift. You may only make 2 guest certificate bookings per year. Remember, resorts do require that the identity of the persons checking in, matches the booking confirmation. ID book or passport checks are made.


Self-catering vs. partial self-catering


Most timeshare resorts in the Easy Holidays portfolio are self-catering. This means you will have a stove, oven, kettle, fridge and microwave in your unit, with all the necessary cutlery and crockery. Some units however are only part self-catering, which means there may only be a microwave, kettle and small bar fridge available for use. Please familiarise yourself with the unit configurations of the resort you wish to book at.


Do e'Points requirements remain constant?


The total number of e'Points allocated to a specific vacation unit (comprising 52 individual weeks) at a resort always remains constant. You can confirm this by comparing the e'Points Userguide values each year. However, the individual split of the e'Points into the individual vacation weeks making up that unit may vary slightly year on year. The reason for this is a result of the school holiday timetable, which varies slightly year on year. This has the effect of adding or subtracting a peak week every year, which alters the makeup of the season split of the unit and therefore alters the e'Points allocation, either increasing or decreasing the requirement. This has a minor effect and you can rest assured that your e'Points portfolio purchase remains inflation proof when it comes to e'Points requirements.


Can I upgrade my portfolio?


Yes, of course you can. Contact your Sales Agent or our Member Services department for more information.

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What our members
have to say.

Ms Daphney Brandy - Gauteng

I was invited to visit Easy-Holiday Offices in Durban CBD. I sat for a presentation and after 30 minutes I needed no more convincing to join the EH family. Based on what I could afford, I joined immediately on 40 points, but fearing that with these points I won't enjoy my benefits. To my surprise, I joined the best holiday day club ever, which is composed of spectacular holiday resorts /destinations, incredible and flexible holiday packages/promotions, friendly and continuous communication and support, but over and above all, the friendliest and most helpful team around. THANKS TO EASY HOLIDAY WE HAVE VISITED TOP QUALITY DESTINATIONS.

Mr Ehlers - Gauteng

I have been a member with Easy Holidays since 2013 and never looked back. My family and I have gone on lots of holidays together, thanks to Easy Holidays. We've been in KZN (Uvongo, Silver Sands and many more). In the bushveld we enjoyed Mabalingwe and Kruger Park Lodge. I look forward to go on my first overseas holiday with Easy Holidays on my side.

Mr & Mrs Nagasar - KZN

I always book my Easy Holidays trips in July because it's my birthday month. So I celebrate out. I enjoy being out. Thanks to Easy holidays.

Mr Seleke - Gauteng

I would like to take this opportunity to share the experience that me and my family had with Easy Holidays. We made the bookings with them to visit Magalies Park for a weekend getaway and the process was easy and friendly and the consultant kept on checking on us if all is well so that we do not miss our date. At the moment I am busy sharing my experience with my family and friends and some are interested in joining the Easy Holiday Club. We have been with Easy Holiday Club for almost 3yrs now and we are enjoying ourselves as a family because it saves our money whenever we want to go relax and we use our points that we can share in a year say going out 2 or 3 times a year. So I recommend the Easy Holiday Club to everyone... it’s Easy to Enjoy... Easy to Relax.

Mrs Moetanalo - Limpopo

A beautiful holiday we had! Thanx million times Easy Holidays for a wonderful 7 day vacation. You made my families dream come true, and also our stay in Cape Town was wonderful. It was worth it and beautiful memories was created and my family is very proud of you guys. Big ups to you Easy Holidays!!!

Sr. Maunze - Mozambique

"Easy Holidays" is an ideal package for those who like to spend relaxed vacations and family entertainment. We do not need to worry about holidays, there are several resorts and apartments available with excellent and homely service.

Sr. Cossa - Mozambique

With Easy holiday, the difficulty now is in choosing where we are going to spend the next vacation. It is one of the best investments ever for those looking to always have a different place to spend the holidays around the world.

Sr & Sra. Canxixe - Mozambique

Easy holidays is a fantastic program, allowing you to explore experiences and cultures from several charming places with family, friends or even in romantic couple. This all very easy anyway both financial as in the program for holidays. Easy holidays is the fantastic club, come end explore with Easy Holidays

Mr Voges - KZN

I've been a member of Easy Holidays for over 10 years. Of all the other Timeshares that I have, it has always been my favourite mainly because of the affordable Easy Breaks. The regions that I've most enjoyed include Cape Town (The Peninsula), Mpumalanga, the Drakensberg and more recently Mabalingwe in Limpopo. I've had countless holidays and have made good use of the Easy Breaks and would definitely recommend it to anyone entering the domain of timeshare.Long live Easy Holidays.

Sr Muchanga - Mozambique

I just wanted to thank you Easy Holidays. I believe that Easy Holidays have many Mozambicans. I’m in the club since 2010 if my memory does not fail me. Through me entered about 20 members if not more. I'm happy with the club, I like the resorts, and I’ve travelled to many places that are mostly fantastic.

Mrs Mmatli - Gauteng

For the weekend away I had with my family in February, I enjoyed every day that we spent there. The hospitality around the resort was just amazing & the fact that we could visit many places of interest. Being the first time that I took my family to the Kruger National Park made me their HERO of that weekend. All this was done in the courtesy of Easy Holiday. Every time we go for a holiday we always are getting the best. Thanks to Easy Holidays for the best choice made of holiday resorts.