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  Storms River Mouth - Eastern Cape


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uMhlanga Sands
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Drakensberg Sun
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La Lucia Sands
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Magalies Park
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Beacon Island
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Durban Spa
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The Peninsula

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Do you want to surprise friends and family by gifting them a vacation, then don’t miss out?

Easy Breaks are cash bookings allowing members and opportunity to save their e’Points for additional holidays.  At super low rates, you can also take advantage of Easy Breaks when you become a member.

What our members
have to say.

Ms Daphney Brandy - Gauteng

I was invited to visit Easy-Holiday Offices in Durban CBD. I sat for a presentation and after 30 minutes I needed no more convincing to join the EH family. Based on what I could afford, I joined immediately on 40 points, but fearing that with these points I won't enjoy my benefits. To my surprise, I joined the best holiday day club ever, which is composed of spectacular holiday resorts /destinations, incredible and flexible holiday packages/promotions, friendly and continuous communication and support, but over and above all, the friendliest and most helpful team around. THANKS TO EASY HOLIDAY WE HAVE VISITED TOP QUALITY DESTINATIONS.

Mr Ehlers - Gauteng

I have been a member with Easy Holidays since 2013 and never looked back. My family and I have gone on lots of holidays together, thanks to Easy Holidays. We've been in KZN (Uvongo, Silver Sands and many more). In the bushveld we enjoyed Mabalingwe and Kruger Park Lodge. I look forward to go on my first overseas holiday with Easy Holidays on my side.

Mr & Mrs Nagasar - KZN

I always book my Easy Holidays trips in July because it's my birthday month. So I celebrate out. I enjoy being out. Thanks to Easy holidays.

Mr Seleke - Gauteng

I would like to take this opportunity to share the experience that me and my family had with Easy Holidays. We made the bookings with them to visit Magalies Park for a weekend getaway and the process was easy and friendly and the consultant kept on checking on us if all is well so that we do not miss our date. At the moment I am busy sharing my experience with my family and friends and some are interested in joining the Easy Holiday Club. We have been with Easy Holiday Club for almost 3yrs now and we are enjoying ourselves as a family because it saves our money whenever we want to go relax and we use our points that we can share in a year say going out 2 or 3 times a year. So I recommend the Easy Holiday Club to everyone... it’s Easy to Enjoy... Easy to Relax.

Mrs Moetanalo - Limpopo

A beautiful holiday we had! Thanx million times Easy Holidays for a wonderful 7 day vacation. You made my families dream come true, and also our stay in Cape Town was wonderful. It was worth it and beautiful memories was created and my family is very proud of you guys. Big ups to you Easy Holidays!!!

Sr. Maunze - Mozambique

"Easy Holidays" is an ideal package for those who like to spend relaxed vacations and family entertainment. We do not need to worry about holidays, there are several resorts and apartments available with excellent and homely service.

Sr. Cossa - Mozambique

With Easy holiday, the difficulty now is in choosing where we are going to spend the next vacation. It is one of the best investments ever for those looking to always have a different place to spend the holidays around the world.

Sr & Sra. Canxixe - Mozambique

Easy holidays is a fantastic program, allowing you to explore experiences and cultures from several charming places with family, friends or even in romantic couple. This all very easy anyway both financial as in the program for holidays. Easy holidays is the fantastic club, come end explore with Easy Holidays

Mr Voges - KZN

I've been a member of Easy Holidays for over 10 years. Of all the other Timeshares that I have, it has always been my favourite mainly because of the affordable Easy Breaks. The regions that I've most enjoyed include Cape Town (The Peninsula), Mpumalanga, the Drakensberg and more recently Mabalingwe in Limpopo. I've had countless holidays and have made good use of the Easy Breaks and would definitely recommend it to anyone entering the domain of timeshare.Long live Easy Holidays.

Sr Muchanga - Mozambique

I just wanted to thank you Easy Holidays. I believe that Easy Holidays have many Mozambicans. I’m in the club since 2010 if my memory does not fail me. Through me entered about 20 members if not more. I'm happy with the club, I like the resorts, and I’ve travelled to many places that are mostly fantastic.

Mrs Mmatli - Gauteng

For the weekend away I had with my family in February, I enjoyed every day that we spent there. The hospitality around the resort was just amazing & the fact that we could visit many places of interest. Being the first time that I took my family to the Kruger National Park made me their HERO of that weekend. All this was done in the courtesy of Easy Holiday. Every time we go for a holiday we always are getting the best. Thanks to Easy Holidays for the best choice made of holiday resorts.


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